Sound Baths
Meditative concerts
Since 2009

Individual and group sessions with harmonic sounds for centring and retuning, aimed at releasing tension, reducing stress and restoring your psycho-energetic balance.
These sessions will help you listen to yourself and achieve a greater awareness, connect with the energy that transforms you and re-establish a natural harmony with the present moment, where life takes place.

With chanting, monochord, shruti, gongs, drums, tibetan bowls, crystal singing bowls, among other instruments.

A subtle, revelatory, therapeutic, meditative and profoundly transformative experience that will put you on a path to find peace in your heart.
Reconnect with your energetic body and your deep intuition, let go of everything you no longer need so you can focus on your soul’s purpose.

“There are times when you need to be able to calm your mind and silence you inner monologue, disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with the deep essence of the self… Remember who you are beyond personality, character or circumstances, fears and walls… Come to know your latent energy qualities and recover your true personal power: reconnect with your deep intuition, rebuild your self-esteem and fortify your ability to sustain yourself with your own resources from a place of vulnerability (not to be confused with weakness).
The sessions I offer are a torch to light your way on a journey to inner transformation, to confidently move towards peace of the heart, to help you remember your true nature, present and infinite, loving, peaceful and profoundly self-healing.”

Xavi Sorolla

The true purpose of sound is to learn to listen to silence.

Image: Just finished a one-on-one session in the studio

The human voice is the most powerful vibrational instrument in existence. It is the only one capable of connecting so intimately and directly with love, our essence, our very being.
When chanting rises from the soul, the right frequencies are created intuitively, and we are offered a chance to recognise and reconnect with a deep and self-healing bond.

“Feel the loving soul of the life that invokes us”

>>> Upcoming meditative concerts/open group sessions across various centres: See Agenda

Imatge:  Deep silence at the end of a group session at Satya Yoga Centre (Sant Quirze del Vallès)

“Love is the bridge between you and everything else.”


The sessions I offer are based on the therapeutic use of chanting and the harmonic sounds of musical instruments as tools to regain psycho-energetic balance and well-being.
Significantly, these sessions also take the spiritual and transcendental dimension of the human experience into consideration, with a focus on exploring and integrating the energetic aspects of this experience that transcend the ego identity, the perceptions and experiences that go beyond the personal and the ordinary, and that encourage the expansion of consciousness and integration of all dimensions of being.
This is a practice that promotes recognition, transformation and self-healing by drawing on the capacity we all have to feel at peace and in love.”

Imatge:  Sharing the experience after a group session at Espai Akasha (Barcelona)

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