Meditative concerts:
Group sessions are offered both publicly and privately

Group Sound Baths are offered as open sessions at various centres (→see Agenda).
Also as private sessions that can be part of a retreat, at your home with friends or family, as an accompaniment to meditation, as training, as personal development… For organisations or groups in need of a profound, transformative experience for centring, cohesion, peace, creativity and empowerment.

Group sessions with therapeutic chants and harmonic sounds that reduce tension and induce a feeling of comfort and serenity. Regenerative sounds that bring psycho-energetic balance and reconnect us with our ability to feel at peace.

These sounds and their resonances have the power to change our state of consciousness instantly, to free us from the torrent of thoughts in our mind, and give us the opportunity to connect with our deep selves, with subtler states that let us feel and see beyond the limited perceptive ability of the ego.

Image:  Preparing a group session at Yoga Center Siddharta, Figueres

“The sessions not only bring me peace and serenity, but strength too.
I feel I’m regaining the much-needed personal power to endure my illness.”
Carme (Terrassa)

Image: La Bartra · Prana Hub Reus Retreat

During the session, we lie down and close our eyes, our brain frequencies slow down, the mind is soothed and our defences soften.
When the wall comes down, the filters dissolve and our inner gaze is transformed, it becomes purer, more essential and more loving… we recognise our true nature.
And from this place of stillness and presence, of peace and trust, we can connect with our inner teacher, our deep intuition, our latent personal resources. We become aware of habits developed throughout our lives that served to protect us, and of those that no longer serve us or let us see reality as it truly is. We unlearn, recover space and unburden our perceptions, allowing us, likewise, to unblock conflicts or resolve stuck situations in different areas of our lives.

With sound, what must come out, comes out, and we are given an opportunity to bring it into our consciousness so that we may transcend it and transform it.


Please note that both the introduction and the closing of these sessions will be taught in Catalan or Spanish.

Image:  Espaipertu Institut, Granollers

“And though we seem to be sleeping, there is an inner wakefulness that directs the dream and that will eventually startle us back to the truth of who we are…”


Image: Atman Yoga Centre, Artés

“I remember that the first time I heard the gongs. I was afraid, I put up a lot of resistance, these were sounds and sensations unknown to me, but eventually I gave in to them, and now this powerful regenerative and expansive experience is something I enjoy more and more.”
Lucía (Barcelona)

Image: Silence right after the session at Satya Yoga Centre, Sant Quirze del Vallès
Image: Introducing a session at the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona
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