One-on-one, couples, and small group sessions

In Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

Beyond ideas about the self, beyond our mental narratives and constructed identities, we have an ability to recognise our essential nature, to perceive an all-encompassing consciousness, to find great peace in our hearts and live life with more trust, as it unfolds.”

A meditative experience of sound immersion using therapeutic chanting and musical instruments with harmonic sounds, which you will experience while lying comfortably with your eyes closed, and which will accompany you, with love and respect, on an inward journey of self-discovery, transformation and self-healing.

The harmonic sounds slow down the frequencies of our brain waves, causing deep physical and mental relaxation, gradually quieting of the mind and, through this, a recognition of inner silence, of what we are when we stop thinking and controlling.

Generally speaking, the sessions are directed toward re-establishing our energy balance, as much on the physical level, by recovering your natural cellular harmony, as on the psychological, through deep mental relaxation and comprehensive re-centring.

Other than reducing stress and anxiety, bolstering the immune system, bringing your energy patterns into harmony and promoting emotional balance among a whole host of other benefits, these sessions can also be offered with a transpersonal approach, directed at addressing the spiritual and transcendental dimension of the human experience and fostering the expansion of consciousness and the integration of every dimension of being.

The approach and working method used in each session is always adapted to the needs of each individual.

“Each session harbours a new discovery. We are at once given both an opportunity to bring long-buried issues into the light, as well as to feel directly that we have recovered our personal power.”
Sara (Barcelona)

I feel unburdened and empowered, I’ve let go of so many things and I feel more connected to myself, stronger, more whole.
Bet (Badalona)

Thought lives in the space between the past and the future, between memory and anticipation.
The present moment belongs to the realm of consciousness.
Staying in the now, being present, transcending thought and understanding that this present moment is all that exists”

These sessions are based on the rigorous and responsible use of harmonic sounds energy and its consciousness-expanding ability, especially suited to guiding processes of inner transformation on a path to peace and well-being.

A meditative practice of inner recognition within an attitude of wise surrender that, accompanied by personalised mentoring to complete the experience, will let you connect with your energetic body, with your deep intuition and your latent personal resources, as well as helping you shake off certain mental patterns and habits that limit your outlook and your creativity, releasing tensions or unlocking worries and anxieties.
To let go of what you no longer need and focus on your loving essence, on the purpose of your soul.

At the end of the session, I will offer you this accompaniment to help you share and integrate the experience, reflect on any revelation or transformation that has happened during the session and become aware of what is considered most significant.

Maximum session length: 1.5 hours
You will not need to wear any special clothes (though comfortable clothes are best) or take off any clothes for the session (only your shoes).

No prior knowledge or beliefs are needed.

Session prices:
· One-on-one: €60
· Two people: €45 per person
· From three to six people: €35 per person

In Sant Cugat del Vallès (20 minutes from Barcelona).
All session times are pre-agreed.

For reservations or more information, contact via WhatsApp (icon at the bottom left)

“Each session is a unique experience, but what they all have in common is the potential to show me what I need to work on to regain my inner peace”
Nuria (Barcelona)

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